Cabinet Signs


Cabinet Signs

A potential customer's first impression of your business is the most important statement and is put on display with your exterior electrical signage. One of the most popular styles is the Outdoor Lighted Sign Cabinet. They are also known as Exterior Sign Cabinets or just Sign Boxes.

At Austin Commercial Signs we fully understand the desire to get ahead of your competition and get noticed and identify your business or organization in an effective and professional manner. We offer the full spectrum of stock and custom Lighted Outdoor Sign Cabinets available at affordable prices.

Exterior Sign Cabinets are available in many different formats: Wall Signs, Monument Signs and Pole (often called Pylon) Signs. At Austin Commercial Signs we have years of experience in designing and installing a wide variety of Outdoor Lighted Sign Cabinets. Our Sign Cabinets will advertise powerfully and effectively to all of your customers with first rate precision and credibility.

Austin Commercial Signs give you the choices. We also offer extra options, such as the popular changeable copy signs and multi-tenant styles. We offer Hand Crafted, Custom Internally Illuminated Sign Cabinets, double faced sign cabinets, and irregular shaped cabinets. AND don’t worry all of our signs are UL labeled and permitted through your city!


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